2019-November 3

Pastor’s Corner:

Voting with a Catholic Conscience:

November is the month in which we, who are citizens of this great nation, have the right, duty and privilege of voting. But it is important that we vote both intelligently and with a well-formed conscience.

“Intelligently” — learning about the issues, where the candidates stand on them, and not simply voting for one party or another “because my family has always voted for __ party.” “With a well-formed conscience”: What does our Catholic Faith teach us about moral issues? What are the moral nonnegotiables in society? Hint: they have to do with the sanctity of human life and the sanctity of marriage as created by Almighty God. It is immoral (sinful, displeasing to God) to willfully vote for a politician who supports the destruction of innocent human life or the undermining of marriage and the family. It is important that we learn where the candidates stand on life and family, and take that into very serious consideration before and as we vote.

Remember: each of us will give an accounting to God Himself for ALL of our actions!

Here is a helpful website on these matters: VotingInfo.net

God’s blessings to all of you!
— Fr. Ben

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