November 17, 2019

Pastor’s Corner:
Supporting the Poor:

Next weekend, the Archdiocese has a collection for
the “Catholic Campaign for Human Development,” which is supposed to
assist the poor with various agencies throughout the country.
Unfortunately, there is a history of some of those agencies also working
with Planned Parenthood and other morally troubling organizations.
Therefore, in our parish, we will NOT be doing the CCHD collection, but will,
instead, take up a collection to support the poor in our own community.
Last year, this was one of our best responses for a second collection in our
parish, and I hope that you will be generous again this year. We will be
giving 50% of this collection to our St. Helen Food Pantry, and the other half
will go toward our Knights of Columbus Christmas basket project. Thank
you for your generosity toward the poor! — Fr. Ben

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