This week, the Church celebrates the holy feast of the “Epiphany,” the
“Manifestation” of Our Lord. Actually, we remember three
manifestations of the Lord: (1) To the Gentile peoples in the persons
of the Magi – who were probably scientists and philosophers from
Persia (Iran). (2) To the Israelites at His Baptism in the Jordan, when
the Trinity was revealed, and John testified to Jesus. (3) To His
disciples when He changed water into wine at the wedding in Cana.
The lesson is that Jesus Christ did not come only for a few, for a
chosen few – He came into this world for the salvation of all – do you
and I bring His Gospel message to all those we can, or do we behave
as if faith is a “personal matter” for us, “a chosen few”?
~Fr. Ben

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