January 12, 2020

Pastor’s Corner:
Mass Etiquette – Part 1
What is proper etiquette for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? Here are some
thoughts: Arrival: If you were invited to dinner with a King, the Pope, or
some other important person, would you arrive early, just on time, or would
you arrive late? We are coming to the Sacrificial Banquet of the King of
Kings – when should we get here? Early – to adequately prepare our hearts
to meet Him! Attire: Would I dress up or dress down to meet a King or the
Pope? So why dress for Mass as if it doesn’t matter? After all, we are
meeting Jesus Christ! Exit: If I were invited to a state dinner, would I leave
early? Would we not stay until it was actually over? Holy Mass doesn’t end
until the Final Blessing and Dismissal (“The Mass is ended, Go in Peace”).
Leaving early, without really good reasons, is a sin – disrespect to our Divine
Host. Wait until after the closing hymn – better yet, spend a couple minutes
in Thanksgiving before heading home – after all, we have just received
Jesus, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity! Why not spend time loving and
thanking Him?
~Fr. Ben

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