Pastor’s Corner:
Holy Family Sunday
During this Octave of Christmas, the Church honors the Holy Family of Jesus,
Mary and Joseph, the model for all family life. We can imagine what the life
of the Holy Family looked like — mutual service in love, humility, trust and
kindness. We know that they would have prayed together, both at home
and in going to the synagogue together every Sabbath. We don’t merely
honor the Holy Family: we hold it up as the supreme example of what our
family life should be like. We shouldn’t say: “Well, if my wife was as perfect
as the Blessed Virgin…,” or “if my husband were as good as St. Joseph…,” or
“if my child was perfect like the Child Jesus….” No, each of us is called to
seek to live in the Perfection of Love, which is Holiness, and when the
members of a family are all seeking this holiness, then our families will be
“holy families” — beacons of light in the darkness which draw other people
to want to know and love Jesus Christ as we do. Start by praying together
every day, and coming to Mass together every Sunday.
~Fr. Ben

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