January 19 2020 Muchos Gracias!

Pastor’s Corner:

Muchos Gracias!

On behalf of Fr. Victor, Fr. Peter and myself, I would like to thank each and every one of you for all the cards, gifts and “goodies” that you have brought us over the Christmas season. We really appreciate it! Now I need to fast and do penance a bit more! 🙂 I would also like to thank the entire parish for the outpouring of support for Steve and Loretta Wise following Steve’s accident, and for your support for the Santiago-Pascual family following the death of their little daughter, Micaela. It is in difficult times that we discover how important it is that we are a Parish Family -not just a group of strangers who worship at the same church on Sundays. We are going to be initiating more parish social events to foster our sense of community and family in the parish. The first will be a “Mardi Gras” dinner on Sunday, February 23rd -mark it on your calendar! ~

Fr. Ben

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