2020 January 26 – Sanctity of Life

Pastor’s Corner:
Sanctity of Life
This week, I will be away from the parish for a few days. I have the
honor of taking seven of our young people (4 girls, 3 boys) to the
March for Life. This is a great opportunity to make a spiritual
pilgrimage, praying and sacrificing for an end to abortion and other
grave violations of the sanctity of human life. During our pilgrimage,
we will visit the Holocaust Museum, bringing home the reality of
what was done to the Jewish people by Nazi Germany. On Thursday
evening, we will be participating in the annual Vigil for Life Mass with
about 10,000 other Catholics. On Friday morning, we will meet with
Senator Mitch McConnell, and then do the March for Life. On
Saturday, we will be attending the Students for Life conference with
around 3,000 young pro-lifers. Altogether an eventful trip! Please
pray for our young people during their pilgrimage!
Fr. Ben

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