2020 February 02 Facilities Improvement Funds

Pastor’s Corner:

“Facilities Improvement Funds”

Some of you might be wondering what the deal is with our second collection being for a “Facilities Improvement Fund,” and you might be asking “What about building a new church?”We will soon be sending out a survey of all the parish to find out how much interest there is in building a new church: what percentage of the parish believes that we need one; how much each family is willing to pledge over a 5 year period to raise the money for building one, etc. The Archdiocese will not allow us to start building a new church until we have a large part of the funds in hand –so, if we need a $2 million church, we probably need to have at least a $1 million in the bank before we can begin a building project. In the meantime, we need to do some serious work on our present church! No matter what happens with a new church, the historic St. Helen’s Church will continue to be our spiritual home for some years in the future, and we need to catch up on major maintenance. So “Facilities Improvement” (to which the Parish Council and Finance Committee have agreed is very important, and have committed about $150,000 of our parish savings) will include the following:(1.)Restroom facility at the church; (2.) New flooring for the church (to replace the 25+ year old carpet); (3.) Upgrades to the restrooms and the main hall at the Parish Center. Other improvements will follow these; your suggestions are most welcome! At Our Lady of the Caves, this “Facilities Improvement Fund” will go into the bank, to be ready for the next major improvement needed at OLC down the road.

Fr. Ben

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