2020 May 3 – Spiritual Battle and Plague

Pastor’s Corner:
Spiritual Battle and Plague:
In times past, a “pandemic” would have been called a “plague.” We can
think of the 10 plagues that struck Egypt when Pharaoh refused to allow
the Israelites to leave his land. We can also recall the various plagues
that struck Israel in the Holy Land, and that have struck Europe over the
centuries. Why does God allow plagues and disease? While we certainly
don’t know all the workings of Divine Providence, over the last three
millennia, God’s People have certainly viewed plagues as a call to
repentance, to return to God and let go of those things that were
drawing them away from God — distractions from God which are,
essentially, Idolatry.
What are the idols of our time? Money and material possessions; sexual
pleasure and a pornographic culture; seeking after power, etc. Are we
using this time of the pandemic to simplify our lives, to get back to the
basics, to refocus on the Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel message? Are
we using it to repent of our sins and failings?
While we priests do have our hands tied as far as public Masses and
distribution of Holy Communion (Archbishop Kurtz has extended the
prohibition on public Masses until May 15th), we are offering the
following: live streamed Masses, the Sacrament of Confession (offered
every day — come by May 10th if you want the “Special Grace” offered by
Our Lord for Divine Mercy Sunday), the Anointing of the Sick for those
who are elderly or have serious health conditions, and any other way of
serving you that we can think of!
Finally, we have printed some special holy cards with a prayer to St.
Roch of Montpelier, a Franciscan saint who is the patron saint invoked
against plagues. You may pick them up at either church or at the Parish
Center. They are available in both English and Spanish.
— Fr. Ben

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