June 14, 2020 – Parish Council and Finance Council

Pastor’s Corner:
Parish Council and Finance Council
Church Law (Canon Law) has given a couple of very important helps to pastors by requiring us to have a Finance Council, and strongly encouraging pastors to have a Parish (or Pastoral) Council. In the United States, just about every parish has both. One of the great reasons for these two bodies within a parish is that not all pastors have a “good head for business” — indeed, probably most of us don’t! We didn’t go into the seminary to do budgets and run business affairs! So the Finance Council is a very important resource for us to have help in making the “business decisions” needed in a parish. I would like to thank the members of our parish Finance Council for their service: Deacon Lee Bidwell, Bill Groenwald, Bob Szabo, Dennis Crimmins, Tommie Birge, Ricky Alvey, and Shawn O’Keefe. Thank you!
The Parish (Pastoral) Council is established to serve as a group of advisors
(“counselors”) to the pastor, to help him with various issues or needs in the
parish. I have found that the Parish Council has been a great help to me with advice and feedback on various initiatives that we have taken here at St. Helen and Our Lady of the Caves. Recently, we have had a few members of the Parish Council who have stepped down after years of service, and I would like to thank them for their service: Bryan Baysinger, David Rust, and Rob Whitlow. At the same time, I would like to thank the other members of the Parish Council who have been serving over the past two years — Shelly Wilson, Lance Crimmins, Gary Murphy, Vicki Shive, Gloria Sullivan, and Connie Granados. And I would like to welcome three new members to the Parish Council: Lance Wilson, Crystal Crowley, and Cheryl Whitlow. Finally, I would like to thank Gary Murphy for stepping into the role of Chairman for the Parish Council. All of these people have been a great help to me in my role as your pastor, and I hope that we can continue to serve this parish community and to help it to grow and flourish for years to come!
Fr. Ben

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