5 July, 2020 – Confirmation and First Communion

Confirmation and First Communion:
One of the difficulties of the pandemic has been how to arrange for
our young people to receive their sacraments. CCD classes were
interrupted several months prematurely, and communication with
parents trying to finish sacramental prep at home has not been
easy. The children who are prepared for First Holy Communion will
be receiving the Sacrament at normal parish Masses (no special
“First Communion Mass” due to social distancing requirements).
Parents of these children need to reach out to me or to Fr. Victor
for their children’s interviews, First Confession, and arranging for
First Communion. We will be having a Confirmation Mass on July
16th at Our Lady of the Caves. Archbishop Kurtz has delegated me
to administer Confirmation again this year. Those young people
who have not finished their sacramental prep for Confirmation will
receive the sacrament next year. Due to limited seating (social
distancing), the Confirmation Mass will be invitation only this year.
Fr. Ben

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