July 12, 2020 – St. Kateri Tekawitha In the 1600’s

Pastor’s Corner:
St. Kateri Tekawitha In the 1600’s
Jesuit missionaries worked to bring the Gospel to the Native tribes in
what is now New York State and Ontario, specifically to the Algonquin,
Huron and Iroquois nations. At least eight of them were martyred for the
Faith – the “North American Martyrs.” In the next generation, a young
girl, the daughter of a Christian Algonquin mother (herself a captive) and
a pagan Mohawk father, listened to the Jesuit priests, and became a
Christian. Her parents had died in a smallpox epidemic, leaving her an
orphan who was permanently scarred by the smallpox. She was an
outcast among her own people due to her deformities, but she found
consolation and hope in her Catholic Faith. She eventually fled to live in a
Christian Indian village, where believers from various tribes (which were
often enemies) lived united in their Faith in Jesus Christ. St. Kateri died at
the age of 24 in 1680 and is known as “The Lily of the Mohawks.”
Miraculously, her scars disappeared after her death. Her people, the
Mohawks, later became strong and fervent Catholics, and played an
important role in encouraging other tribes to accept Jesuit priests to
teach them the way to eternal life. We honor St. Kateri every year on July
~Fr. Ben

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