July 26, 2020 – Youth Ministry in our parish:

Pastor’s Corner:
Youth Ministry in our parish:
When I was a newly ordained priest, serving at SS. Peter & Paul in
Hopkinsville, I was assigned to teach the high school class and work
with the youth group. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many
opportunities to give youth retreats – and many “Mother-Daughter
retreats.” I have always enjoyed working with teenagers (some of
you probably think that I’ve lost my mind!). One of my joys here at
St. Helen and Our Lady of the Caves has been working to get the
youth group going again. In the past year, we have taken 18 kids to
Ignite Your Torch in Alabama, 7 kids to the March for Life, and 22
to Holiday World. We have also had several movie and games
nights. All of this in addition to the HS classes taught by Fr. Victor.
When you get this bulletin in your email, we will be doing Ignite
Your Torch again – but virtually, at the Parish Center. I hope that
we’ll have a dozen or more of the teenagers participating! Thank
you for your prayers and support for the youth of our parish!
~Fr. Ben

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