Clear Conscience: A Catholic Guide to Voting

Dear Parishioners:
I’ve been reading through a book that was recommended by a
couple of members of our parish. It’s from Ascension Press, and
the title is “Clear Conscience: A Catholic Guide to Voting.” We
might expect a book with that title to be about particular
candidates or political parties, but we would be mistaken. The first
part of the book outlines the principles of Catholic political
philosophy and social teaching in a clear, yet concise presentation.
It explains the ideas of natural law, prudential judgment, the
principle of subsidiarity, and many other important concepts. The
second half of the book seeks to apply those principles to about 10
of the major issues that our nation (and other Western nations) is
facing at this juncture in history. I think that it is a good, easy read;
a solid presentation of principles and their application, and would
be an excellent resource for any Catholic who would like to have a
better grasp of principles and how to apply them in the voting
booth. It would even to be a good book for a group study here in
the parish!
Fr. Ben

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