8 November, 2020 – PASTOR’S CORNER

As I write this (Wednesday morning), the Presidential election is still
undecided. No matter who wins, there will be some among us who think
that it is a tragedy, that it is a very bad day for our nation. We need to
remember that our faith is not in the United States of America, nor in a
particular President or political party. Our faith, and our ultimate hope, is
in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the Church that He founded.
The Catholic Church, founded by the Lord Himself, has survived
numerous persecutions, internal divisions and heresies, strife with evil
and corrupt kings and emperors, and even internal corruption. It built a
Christian civilization (“Christendom”) which flourished (with struggles, to
be sure) for nearly 1,000 years. It survived the French Revolution and the
Communist Revolution, and came out of them with great missionary zeal
which led to the evangelization of much of what we call the Third
World. No matter who wins an election, we have to remember that Jesus
Christ is still the King of the Universe, and that He will have the final
victory! Even if our nation were to go completely secular and socialist, or
even Marxist; even if Christians are openly persecuted for being true to
Christ Jesus, He will win the victory, and the Church will come out
stronger and more vibrant in the end. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and stay
close to Him in your daily life of prayer and pursuing the life of the
Christian virtues, and especially in worshiping Him in the Holy Sacrifice of
the Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. Like the martyrs of Spain and
Mexico, may our rallying cry always be: “Viva Christo Rey!”
“Long Live, Christ the King!”
Fr. Ben

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