December 20, 2020 Pastor’s Corner

Dear Parishioners:
As we come to the final preparation for the feast of Our Lord’s Nativity, it
is important that we truly prepare our hearts and souls for His coming
among us. During the season of Advent, our readings and prayers have
sought to direct our thoughts and reflections, so that we could renew our
intentions to follow Christ more perfectly each and every day. This holy
season is also a privileged time for receiving the Sacrament of
Reconciliation, so that we can be purified of our sins and completely
ready for the coming of the Divine Child. Every Mass we attend, and
every Holy Communion that we receive (in the state of grace, of course)
should also be preparation for “welcoming Christ with joy.”
If you have not been able to join us in person for Holy Mass during these
last 9 months (or have done so only rarely), then I would like to invite and
urge you to join us this Christmas. Divine Worship needs to be
sacramental and communal — we are body and soul; we are social
creatures who have been incorporated into the Mystical Body of Christ by
Baptism, and we need to worship Him in Sacrament, and in common with
our brothers and sisters. If you are afraid of getting sick, our two “Elderly
Only” Masses are as safe as you will find anywhere — probably safer than
going to the grocery store, the pharmacy, or Wal-Mart. Please join us —
and remember, it is not so much about what we receive (though the Holy
Eucharist is the greatest gift that any of us can receive) but about what
we give: the Worship that Almighty God deserves, that was instituted for
us by Christ our Eternal High Priest at the Last Supper and on the Cross on
Calvary. I hope to see you at Mass this Christmas!
~ Fr. Ben

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