2021 August 22 – PASTOR’S CORNER


Return of the Sunday Mass Obligation

Archbishop Kurtz has decided to return us to the Sunday Mass
obligation beginning the weekend of September 4-5; please make
sure to read his article about it that will be in The Record on
September 2nd.

As has always been the case, the following people are exempt from
the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday: those who are ill, those
who are primary caregivers for the ill, and those who are immuno-
compromised. The Archbishop also exempts those who have grave
fear regarding coming down with Covid, and anyone who would be
subject to being seriously ill who cannot be vaccinated.

As we return to Holy Mass, I ask that every parishioner show the
utmost courtesy, respect and charity toward others who might have
different points of view in regard to issues related to Covid: face
masking, vaccinations, etc. In fact, I continue to request that any
discussions of people’s personal health decisions be considered “off
limits,” and that there be no questions or discussion that would
impinge on people’s privacy. We are a community of faith, hope
and love, united in our belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in Divine
Worship in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the
Sacraments. Let’s keep our focus on the Lord Jesus rather than on
anything that might work to divide us!

For those who are not able to return to Mass in person, your priests
would like to visit you at home (and we will be happy to wear face
masks, if you would be more comfortable that way), and to bring
you the sacraments of Confession, the Anointing of the Sick, and
Holy Communion. Please contact me or one of the other priests to
make arrangements for a visit. We’re just a phone call away!

Fr. Ben

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