2021 September 12 – Ministering to our Youth

Ministering to our Youth:
One of the most important things that we do in the Catholic Church has
to do with the formation of our youth in the Faith. Formation is not
simply a matter of teaching classes, but of guiding our young people in
what it means to be a Catholic (Christian) man or woman, to live a life
that flows from the grace of God which they first received in Baptism,
that is nurtured and strengthened by the life of the sacraments,
especially the Holy Eucharist. The primary place and setting of Christian
formation is in the home, and the primary instructors are the
parents. But we do supplement that in the parish with our religious
education program (CCD).
Over the last few years, our CCD program has grown a lot. Our
classrooms were built for small classes of 10-15 children, and now we
have some classes that are more in the range of 20-25 children. It’s a
wonderful problem to have! After consulting with our Parish Council and
Finance Council, we have decided that it is time to expand our physical
capacity at the Parish Center, to have room for more classroom space.
We are planning to build a 1500 square foot pole building, divided into
two rooms. The smaller room (c. 500 sq. ft.) will serve for the
Confirmation classroom; the larger room (c. 1,000 sq. ft.) will serve as the
“High School” (Post-Confirmation) class space and Youth Group
room. We are working to finalize the plans, and begin the process of
getting approval from the City of Glasgow and the Archdiocese of
Louisville, but it appears that this building will cost around $95K. When
we finish the renovations on the center room and restrooms at the Parish
Center, we should have around $40K left from that project (which is
being done with the funds saved when we purchased the rectory instead
of building a new one). We also have had a couple donations and a
pledge which will give us another $21.5K toward this project. So we will
need to raise around $35K to build this new Youth Center. Who’s in for
investing in our Youth?
Fr. Ben

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