19 December 2021 – Pastor’s Corner

Dear Parishioners:
The birthday of our savior is almost upon us! We look forward to
celebrating with you this Christmas! In order to accommodate as many
people as possible, we are having 8 Christmas Masses: 3 Vigils on
Christmas Eve (the 3:00 PM at Our Lady of the Caves is specifically for our
elderly parishioners, and those with mobility issues, and a driver for
anyone who needs someone to drive them); 2 Midnight Masses; and 3
Masses on Christmas morning (one in Spanish). We hope to see most of
you for the solemn celebration of the birth of Our Lord!
I would like to thank you for the generous outpouring of support for the
people of Mayfield, which had the worst devastation from the EF-4
tornado. With very short notice that there would be a special collection,
our parish has raised over $2,400 for disaster relief! We will have a
special collection next weekend for the same purpose, and I will ensure
that the funds collected go as efficiently as possible to the people in
Mayfield. Thank you for your generosity!
We are continuing to work on finalizing plans for our new Youth Center,
to provide four new, and much larger, classrooms, for our CCD classes
and youth activities. At this point, the new building will cost roughly
$180,000, which will be less than half of what the cost would be if we
were going about it a different way (I am acting as the architect and
general contractor, and we are hiring different contractors to do the
various parts of the construction; this saves a lot of money). We have
about half of the money needed for this important project for our youth,
and less than 10% of the parish has made donations toward the project
thus far — please be generous in helping us with this new building for our
young people!
May God bless you as you prepare for the Holy Season of Christmas!
Fr. Ben

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