9 January 2022 – Pastor’s Corner

Baptism of the Lord & our Baptism:
This Sunday, we celebrate the octave day of Epiphany, the Feast of the
Baptism of Our Lord, the second manifestation of the Lord (see last
week’s pastor’s corner). It is good to ponder this mystery of our
Faith: the eternal Son of God, the Word Incarnate, humbled Himself to
go into the Jordan River and to be baptized by His servant, John the
Baptist. Jesus did not need to be baptized: He had no sins; He didn’t
need to repent. No, Our Lord chose to be baptized so as to sanctify the
waters of the earth so that they would become a means of His grace, the
“matter” for our baptism, in which we are washed clean of all sin, and
reborn as children of God.
When we were baptized, our parents and godparents (if we were small
children), or we ourselves (if we were older children or adults), professed
the Catholic Faith, renounced Satan and all of his empty promises, and
promised to live as children of the Heavenly Father, as members of the
Catholic Church. Every year, at Easter, we renew our baptismal promises
— but do we take them seriously? Do we really strive to conform our
lives to Jesus Christ, to develop and live in an intimate friendship with
Him? Do we come frequently to the sacrament of penance for the
cleansing of our daily sins? Do we come frequently to the Holy Eucharist
for the nourishing of the life of grace in our souls?
Is our faith a Sunday-only thing, or is it a daily lived reality? As the pastor
(shepherd) of this little portion of the Lord’s flock, I have a solemn
responsibility to lead you in the ways of holiness and salvation
— please pray for me, that I may truly be “a shepherd after the Lord’s own
Fr. Ben

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