23 January, 2022 – Pastor’s Corner

Sanctity of Human Life:
This week, we commemorate the 49th anniversary of the tragic Supreme
Court decisions of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. These two decisions
were the second time that our Supreme Court ruled that some human
beings are not “persons,” and therefore, have no legal rights. The first
time that they issued such a decision was in the infamous Dred Scott
decision in 1857, when the Court ruled that a black man was not a
person, and had no right to freedom, even after escaping from
slavery. Roe and Doe were rulings that said that unborn humans are not
legal persons (though it left it open for Congress to say otherwise), and
therefore, have no right to life.
These decisions of our Supreme Court were supposed to “end the
discussion,” on abortion, but they did nothing of the kind. Judicial fiat is
no substitute for the Natural Law, written on our hearts by Almighty God,
which tells us that every human life is a sacred gift of God, and must not
be taken except in grave necessity, for the defense of the innocent who
are being threatened by an unjust aggressor.
Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans descend on Washington,
D.C., to protest this horrible evil that is in our midst, and to demand that
we, once again, recognize the sanctity of every human life. There are
hundreds of rallies around the country that are simultaneous with the
March for Life, held for the same just cause. This year, five of our teens
will be going to the March for Life in Washington, with one young adult
and myself as their chaperones. I have been asked to offer Mass for the
contingent coming from the Louisville archdiocese on the morning of the
March (which is a great honor, to represent the Archbishop at that
Mass). Please pray for us during this pilgrimage — due to Covid, we will
have some discomfort that we haven’t had in previous years, but it is
worth the sacrifice to stand up for the lives of the unborn! If you would
like to participate in the Walk for Life in Louisville, you should find
information about it on the ArchLou.org website. God bless you all!
Fr. Ben

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