April 24, 2022 – Pastor’s Corner

Dear Parishioners:
This Sunday is “Divine Mercy Sunday,” the Octave of Easter. Each day of
Easter week is considered to be Easter day (and that is reflected in the
prayers of the Mass), but the 8th day of Easter is extra special. Our
Blessed Lord promised St. Faustina that those who, while in the state of
sanctifying grace, receive the Holy Eucharist on that day (asking for this
special grace), will be granted a full remission of all their sins and the
temporal punishment due to sin. It is like a “new baptism,” at least in
that respect of a true new beginning of our Christian life with a clean
slate. In order to receive this special grace, we do need to be morally
certain that we are in the state of sanctifying grace, and we do that by
making a really good confession.
As always, your priests are available for confession before every Mass in
our parish (Sundays and weekdays), and anytime by appointment. Our
parish is the most accessible in regard to availability of confession of any
parish in the Archdiocese of Louisville, and probably in the state of
Kentucky — take advantage of this wonderful sacrament! We are ALL
called to HOLINESS — not to just “getting by” as a Christian, and
confession and the Holy Eucharist are two of the great means that the
Lord gives us for overcoming our faults and becoming saints!
Sunday, June 12, we will have a Parish Celebration (potluck) for Fr. Ben’s
Silver Jubilee at Parish Center, 1:00-3:00 pm . this will also serve as the
parish’s Going Away party for Fr. Peter and Fr. Ben, both of whom have
been reassigned back to the Fathers of Mercy Generalate.
Our parish will continue to be staffed by three priests, but this is the
change: The new staff will be: Fr. Joel Roger – Pastor,
Fr. Nathanael Mudd and Fr. Joseph Morgan – Parochial Vicar.
It has been a pleasure to serve you for these past four years. I have really
enjoyed getting to know many of you very well and working with you on
many projects for the growth and improvement of the parish.
With the blessing of both Fr. David and Fr. Joel, I will be overseeing the
construction of the new Youth Center, even after my official transfer from
Glasgow. It will be good to see this project through to its completion,
and I hope that it will be a great asset for the parish for many years to
Fr. Ben

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