June 26, 2022 – New Pastor’s Corner

My dear parishioners,
The peace of Christ be with you all. There are a number of you
who are new parishioners and settling into the life of a new parish
family. We welcome you! For those of you who are not familiar
with the St. Helen/OLC Ice Cream Social, it is a parish event that
began over five decades ago. It was started so that the parish
could invite the Glasgow community and the surrounding areas to
get to know our parish family. It was also an excellent opportunity
for the parishioners to work together and get to know one
another. It began with selling ice cream and food and having a few
booths, etc. In recent years we have had ice cream sales, bake
sales, barbecue meals, booths, silent auction, children’s games, and
sometimes we had the Barren County Cloggers to perform for us
and music entertainment. With less threat from Covid, we are able
to open up the Ice Cream Social again gradually. This year we plan
to have ice cream sales, barbecue meals, a silent auction, bake
sales, and maybe more. It would be greatly appreciated if we had
some parishioners who would be willing to be chair persons of
these events and also helpers. Please help us if you can. The Ice
Cream Social this summer is on Saturday, August 20. May God
bless you all.
Fr. Joel

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