August 7, 2022 – The Pastor’s Corner

Dear Parishioners,
Most of you probably already know about the parish center. On
Tuesday, July 19, the entire floor of the main hall was flooding, and
water was pouring out of the attic. We found out later that the
expansion tank for the water heater in the attic had exploded and
water was leaking everywhere. There was quite a bit of damage on
the walls and ceilings and the damaged tiles of the floor had to be
pulled up, so that Servpro could dry out the building.
This is the latest news about the parish center. The expansion tank
has been replaced, and the water heater itself will be replaced and
moved to the main floor. Servpro has dried the walls and floors of
the building and the next step is to make repairs on all the walls,
ceilings, and floors. Servpro sprayed antimicrobial in the parish
center to ensure that there will be no mold. All wet insulation has
been removed. Catholic Mutual Insurance will cover all the costs
except our deductible and the cost to replace the water heater.
It will take a good while for everything to be reconstructed, which
is why we postponed the Ice Cream Social. Also, the ice cream
making will be done a bit later; so, the pre-order due date has also
been moved back. Please pray that this goes smoothly and that
our parish center will be repaired well and that we can have our Ice
Cream Social in late October. Thank you for your patience. God
bless you all!
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Joel

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