24 May, 2020 – Sixty-four days. Nine long weeks.

Pastor’s Corner:

Sixty-four days. Nine long weeks.

We have just come through the
most unusual fast that any of us have had in our lifetimes! It has
been a long time since we have been able to gather for Holy Mass
and to receive Our Blessed Lord in Holy Communion!
Welcome back to Mass! All of us priests have really missed seeing
you, ministering to you, and we are really looking forward to
getting back to something that approaches “normal” in our lives as
Catholics! We know that there are many people in the parish who
may be nervous about coming back to Mass, especially if you have
struggled with certain illnesses that could make you more
vulnerable to the Coronavirus. Others are caretakers of those who
are vulnerable. Some may just be nervous about coming into
church because our churches are small and will feel crowded, even
at 50% capacity (or probably less). Don’t worry — You are not
obligated to come to Mass at this time, and we are still going to
offer our online parish Masses in both English and Spanish each
week. The times might vary, as we try to learn how well we can
broadcast from St. Helen’s as well as from Our Lady of the
Caves. Take your time, be safe, and please contact one of us
priests if you would like us to come to give you the sacraments at
your home (we will take precautions for your safety).
Our re-opening of the churches will have glitches. We have never
done this before, just as we have never lived through a pandemic
before (at least, not through one which shut down the world and
the Church). Please be patient with us! We love all of you, and we
look forward to “getting back to normal” at least in how we can
serve you again through Mass and Holy Communion! — Fr. Ben

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