September 4, 2022 – The Pastor’s Corner

Dear Parishioners,
A few weeks ago, I was visiting some parishioners to bring them
Holy Communion. Just before I left, one of them asked me, “So
Father, what are your goals as a pastor?” I had never really thought
about that, but what an important question. So after I thought on it
and prayed, this is what I came up with. I have three goals. First,
my goal for the parish is that the parish family becomes a family of
saints. Our eternal destiny is to have a loving union with the
Blessed Trinity forever. My goal is to use whatever means I can to
help that happen—stirring devotion for the Mass and the Blessed
Sacrament (the only way to be saintly is to have frequent
encounters with Jesus Christ), encouraging the use of Confession,
encouraging daily prayer, making the liturgy and music point our
hearts to God, catechism instruction, and other ways to increase
our love for God. Second, since we are a parish family, my goal is to
help the members of this family get to know each other more. I
would like to have more get-togethers like pot-lucks, and parish
events like missions and days of recollection or retreats. Thirdly, as
a family with the Catholic faith, we should want to share it. Our
Lord tells us to teach all nations His Word. I would like to establish
a group equivalent to the Legion of Mary to help make our faith
known to others so they can have the joy of knowing our Lord
more deeply. Please pray for me that I can do something with
these goals, even if I don’t fulfill them completely. Thank you for
your ongoing support of the priests and deacons of our parish. God
bless you!
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Joel

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