September 25, 2022- Associate Pastor’s Corner

We often assume that everyone shares the same concept of
freedom, especially in a country for which freedom is a
foundational principle. Yet, as Catholics, we find that not everyone
understands freedom in truth. For many people, our obedience to
Holy Mother Church is not freedom. But we know, from
experience, it frees us from slavery to our fickle passions.
In the same way, freedom of conscience often gets
interpreted to mean that every personal decision is right and good
for the person who makes that decision. This definition separates
freedom from truth, especially what is true about moral good and
evil. As Catholics, freedom of conscience means that the state
cannot force one to do that which is morally reprehensible, or
prevent one from doing that which is morally good. This requires a
conscience which knows what is moral evil and moral good, in
accordance with truth. It also means we obey our conscience when
it tells us not to do that evil, or to carry out a moral good.
As we come up on election season and become embroiled in
political campaigns, let us take the time to educate ourselves on
what is good and what is evil. Let us remember also that those we
vote for represent us and the truths we know, that to vote for a
politician who upholds moral evil as good (such as abortion) is to
allow them to choose evil on our behalf. Can we really cast a vote
which promotes evil, especially the evil of abortion?
God Bless You, and may the Mercy of God keep you.
Fr. Nathan Mudd, CPM
Keep the Faith . . . But Not to Yourself.

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